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Splendid Morningtide

07:15 - Buenos Dias, BALI!

 What's better than morning nap on the beach with coconut water and someone you love?

You know what I do love more?


Because you only need 3 things: your body, a surf board, and a nice wave.
This actually was my first time to surf, and I'm a goofy footer ;)

Let me tell you some tips for a starter like me:
  • Make sure your leg rope is attached,
  • Wear proper outfit for surfing, wearing only bikini will hurt you because of sands,
  • Use lots of sunscreen,
  • Try not to fight the wave after you fall down,
  • Prepare for impact from your surf board, try to take control of it (I hit my face a lot).
As motivated as ever, I loved surfing from day one. When I eventually did catch that first wave, it made every single wipe out I had beforehand worth it.

Something that you have to know, surfing is more than riding a wave.The tough stuff is paddling out and trying to stand on the board.
When you first start surfing, it's going to take both physical and mental energy. 

Paddling. Smacking the ocean over and over again. I was wasting a ton of energy and it certainly wasn't fun getting exhausted as people flew right by me on their boards.

Balance. Try to imagine you doing some push ups in the gym, you'll get it easily. Or yoga ;)

Riding the wave(s). OMG! You'll be proud of yourself when you can do this.

 It's tough, indeed.
My advice? Start to enjoy the journey, you'll pass the time like magic..

"Anything easy is not worthwhile, and anything worthwhile is not easy."


Winter is Coming!

Snow, warm clothes, family, happiness.

This winter, me and my family spent our day on Mt. Titlis, Alps mountain, Swiss. It was a super bright and cold day, such a perfect weather to play in the snow. The scenery is breath-taking, heart-stopping, awe-inspiring, and spine-tingling. I stop for a while, close my eyes and inhale the scents that surround me. 

 The temperature that day was around 5-9 C. As I sit on the ground covered by snow, I felt the breeze. The cool breeze that kiss my neck and made me shiver slightly as the cloud dancing in the sky. Luckily, I prepare everything I need, a simple scarf warm enough to cover my neck. 

So what's your plan to spend this winter with your family, friends, or even lovers? Share with me in the comment below, will you dear? 

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The online fever will strike!

Best of luck, boys and girls.

"Buy now or cry later" 



Pulling back from all the city madness, embracing the nature, and loving yourself and your soul.

Mengasingkan diri dari kesibukan kota, sejalan dengan alam, serta mencintai diri dan jiwa sendiri.

Don't forget to do a little yoga, to balance your mind.

Yoga juga dapat membantu kita untuk menyeimbangkan diri.

Anchored in Volendam

welkom op Nederland.

Selamat datang di Belanda.

Come for holiday to Netherlands in summer is very pleasant. The air is not too hot and not too cold, and late sunset support me to explore Volendam, Noord Holland, 

Datang pada saat musim panas ke Belanda itu memang paling pas. Cuacanya tidak terlalu panas dan tidak terlalu dingin, selain itu waktu terbenam matahari juga lebih lama, sangat mendukung banget buat aku keliling-keliling di Volendam.

Volendam is a very touristy city, beautiful and quiet. Originally, it was a harbor. However, there are still a lot of boats there floating with people who are enjoying their beer!

Volendam adalah sebuah kota yang sering didatangi oleh turis mancanegara. Dulunya, Volendam adalah pelabuhan. Namun, sekarang pun masih banyak kapal-kapal yang bersandar di pelabuhan kecil tersebut. Disana banyak orang-orang yang duduk dan menikmati pemandangan dari atas kapal sambil menikmati beer!

Vincentiuskerk is also an attraction there, the architecture of the classic church is mesmerizing.

Gereja St. Vincentius juga sangat menarik, bangunan gereja klasik tersebut sangat mengagumkan.

Now, I am reminiscing the summer breeze in Volendam.

Sekarang, aku kembali mengenang angin sejuk musim panas di Volendam.