Splendid Morningtide

07:15 - Buenos Dias, BALI!

 What's better than morning nap on the beach with coconut water and someone you love?

You know what I do love more?


Because you only need 3 things: your body, a surf board, and a nice wave.
This actually was my first time to surf, and I'm a goofy footer ;)

Let me tell you some tips for a starter like me:
  • Make sure your leg rope is attached,
  • Wear proper outfit for surfing, wearing only bikini will hurt you because of sands,
  • Use lots of sunscreen,
  • Try not to fight the wave after you fall down,
  • Prepare for impact from your surf board, try to take control of it (I hit my face a lot).
As motivated as ever, I loved surfing from day one. When I eventually did catch that first wave, it made every single wipe out I had beforehand worth it.

Something that you have to know, surfing is more than riding a wave.The tough stuff is paddling out and trying to stand on the board.
When you first start surfing, it's going to take both physical and mental energy. 

Paddling. Smacking the ocean over and over again. I was wasting a ton of energy and it certainly wasn't fun getting exhausted as people flew right by me on their boards.

Balance. Try to imagine you doing some push ups in the gym, you'll get it easily. Or yoga ;)

Riding the wave(s). OMG! You'll be proud of yourself when you can do this.

 It's tough, indeed.
My advice? Start to enjoy the journey, you'll pass the time like magic..

"Anything easy is not worthwhile, and anything worthwhile is not easy."


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